Santa Cueva de Covadonga, Spain

Tucked into a hillside deep in the Asturian countryside, you’ll find the Santa Cueva de Covadonga.

DSC_2701A staircase leads to the chapel and it is worth the climb.

DSC_2686The photo above gives some perspective to the terrain here, which is quite mountainous. Pulling back a little, you can see the altar to the right of the chapel.

DSC_2688This is a place of pilgrimage for many believers. It was impressive to see their devotion and respect.


Covadonga, Spain

Pelayo won a great victory in Covadonga, taking advantage of tactics and terrain to save his kingdom from conquest. As a result, shrines were built and later a massive church.

DSC_2673You can see how the church stands upon an outcropping in the valley. Here’s the statue of Pelayo:

DSC_2669And check out the mountain in the background. The scenery in this part of Spain is nothing short of stunning. Here’s another perspective on the church.6D210737-35CF-49AD-AF5C-D3E598BBA6E3I’ll have another post soon that shows the tiny chapel built into a hillside cave. Check back frequently.

Sunset from Santa Cruz

 I took this sunset photo looking west, northwest from Santa Cruz, Aruba. The church on the left is one that showed up in an earlier post.

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A Few Churches, Aruba

Many posts ago, I showed an image of a small Protestant Church located here in Aruba. This time, I’m going to show several Catholic Churches. Aruba, with is various cultures, hosts a number of religions. However, given the strong Spanish influence, many people belong to the Catholic faith. Here is one of the large churches located in the town of Noord.

As casual as the island is, many local people dress in their finest for Sunday services, including the children. This is a pleasant sight, as is the devotion they express when filling such large buildings. Here’s another church, this one located in Paradera.

Most all of these churches have schools attached to them. The children don uniforms and file into class carrying their books in “brief cases,” which may be a good thing in that it reminds them of the seriousness of education. Here is one more church, this time in Santa Cruz.

Of course, there are cemeteries beside these churches. In Aruba, just like New Orleans, the tombs are mostly above ground. We’ll take a look at some of those eerie spaces in future posts.

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