Interesting Oddity

As posted previously on The Bent Page, I assembled a computer for personal use. Well, while visiting a computer shop, I discovered this unit, operating in mineral oil.


As the mineral oil does not conduct electricity, the computer functions perfectly. Stays cool this way as well. Not something I would do myself, but an interesting oddity to behold.

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Spare Bytes

No, this isn’t one of my many food posts. This is a friendly reminder that if you’re traveling, don’t forget to carry plenty of spare memory cards for your camera, computer, and video gear. During this trip to Spain, I brought a few extra memory units for each device. Gracias a dios! Because they came in handy.

I find with digital media, I take many more images than I would using film. There’s virtually no waste as they can be deleted later and the memory reused. If this were film, I’d have a suitcase full of exposed rolls and one large invoice for all the processing. Digial media is truly a bargain, especially when you consider the fleibility.

So, don’t skimp on those cards. Grab a few extras and let the cameras roll.

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Shrinking again.

About eight years ago, I did away with a desktop computer. I stepped up to the plate and bought a decent laptop that had all the functionality of the desk model. It cost a small fortune but is still running today, although strictly in a back-up capacity. Then I bought another laptop, which was bigger than the first, bigger screen and so forth. Lugging this one around on all my travels wasn’t the easiest.

Well, I’ve gone smaller again, this time all the way down to a netbook. No, I won’t be editing video on this unit, but it’s perfectly suited for word processing, blogging, and so forth. Most of the time, that’s all I’m doing. The horsepower of that big laptop is typically wasted. It will remian, with its predecessor as a back-up.

So, I’m on to traveling with this netbook, logging on in various places, and typing away. Hopefully it goes well.

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