Flying Time

Here’s some footage from a day out with a beautifully restored Piper Cub. Just got to the airport and opened the hangar door.

Was a great day for flying: light winds, clear sky, cool. And to think that aircraft was built in the late 1940’s is nothing short of amazing.

Piper Cub (on display)

At the airshow I’ve been posting about, there were several Piper Cubs, a few owned by friends of mine. There was this example, which embodies all that basic flying can be.

Piper Cub at Wings & Wheels airshow.

Piper Cub at Wings & Wheels airshow.

When you’r flying a plane like this, you’re really flying. Truth be told, more than this, you don’t really need. It’s stick and rudder, throttle and your own two eyes. That’s what makes flying a real joy. Or so I think.

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