Snow Bird

Just because it snows, doesn’t mean you can’t fly! Anyway, there was quite a bit of snow, enough to close the small airport from which I normally fly.


It took about a day to plow and haul away the snow. Then the airport was back to full operations. The manager and crew do a great job keeping things operating, which is good for those of us who need a place to take off and land. Always do your checklist!

Helicopters, big and small

There’s been a bunch of helicopter activity at my local airport. In the photo below, you’ll see one which is a vintage bird capable of lifting some serious weight. The smaller one will carry only two people and does mostly training work.

Helicopters big and small.

Helicopters big and small.

It’s amazing what helicopters can do, from fire fighting and medical transport to heavy lift and corporate transport. They’re challenging machines to fly, requiring quite a bit of coordination. Here’s a look at the pilot’s window:

Pilot's window on heavy lift helicopter.

Pilot’s window on heavy lift helicopter.

Stop by your local airport for an introductory flight, or just go for a ride. Either way, it’ll be a thrill like no other.

Landing KOQN (Brandywine Airport)

It’s fall foliage season, so head out to your local airport and go for a ride. Take in the sights. That’s what I was doing when I took this flight in a venerable Cessna 172. Was a little early for the fall colors, which had just started. Took the opportunity to polish some skills. Here’s a landing:

As you can see, lots of bugs died on the windscreen that day. Was a decent landing and a great flight. Looking forward to many more soon.


Took a nice cross-country flight the other day. Winged down through Delaware to Salisbury, MD and then over to Ocean City. Here’s a look at Salisbury’s airport, KSBY:

Salisbury, MD, USA airport, KSBY.

Salisbury, MD, USA airport, KSBY.

There was still snow on the ground, making the field a little difficult to pick out from a distance. Nice tower controllers there by the way. Then here’s a look at Ocean City airport, right in from the beach:

Ocean City, MD, USA airport, KOXB.

Ocean City, MD, USA airport, KOXB.

Visibility was not the best throughout the whole flight. Couldn’t climb up as high as I like to for a better view. I did make it across the mouth of the Delaware Bay for a stop at Cape May Airport, too. Sorry, no photo this time. Nonetheless, the Diamond DA-40 performed like a champ in the frigid air, giving good economy and speed. Another great flight in the log book.