Snow Bird

Just because it snows, doesn’t mean you can’t fly! Anyway, there was quite a bit of snow, enough to close the small airport from which I normally fly.


It took about a day to plow and haul away the snow. Then the airport was back to full operations. The manager and crew do a great job keeping things operating, which is good for those of us who need a place to take off and land. Always do your checklist!

Dawn at the Anchor

There are those places that make you think. For some people it may be a church, for others a cemetery. Maybe it’s in your car, parked in a quiet spot with a view. Perhaps sitting on a bench along a quiet street.

For me, it is this place on the southern tip of Aruba. There is the anchor standing there as a memorial. But there’s also the infinity of the sea beyond. The breeze can be brisk at this spot. The white noise hushes away distractions. For the half hour before and after dawn, I have the place to myself. Here I reflect on what I’ve been doing, on the people in my life, as well as a little about the past, present, and future. I’m a firm believer in quiet reflection, just letting the mind wander through it’s own convoluted passages. It doesn’t take long for a sense of peace to settle in. The perspective gained from this exercise refreshes the soul.

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