Today’s Investor’s Business Daily reports that the American citizens took more in aid than they paid in taxes. Imagine that! No, it’s not very hard to imagine this. The current administration spends like fools, taxes like imbeciles, and implements policies that destroy personal responsibility and initiative.

So, the United States of America is about to capsize. (For those who are not nautically inclined, when a ship capsizes, it essentially flips over and becomes inoperable. It usually sinks promptly.) The once “land of the free, home of the brave” is now the “land of the handout, home of the dependent.” This is absolutely pathetic for a once proud nation to find itself reeling in the whirlpool of socialism. Like the ship that loses stability, the US will soon find itself drowning, sinking ever deeper into an economic melt-down. Through it all, the government wonks will be grabbing more power, issuing decrees, and attacking those who actually produce.

The crew of the Good Ship America needs to mutiny. The people who actually pay those taxes need to rise up on their moronic leaders and take the wheel. Once they have control of the wheelhouse, they need to run the pumps and discharge the bilge of its bilious bickering boneheads who don’t have a clue how to steer in waters either calm or rough. If not, well, they’ll all go down with ship.

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Almost a grand a week…

…will buy you some top shelf food and booze. Just ask Nancy Pelosi. That was her bill for food and booze and such on her flights of fancy over the last couple of years.

I enjoy a beverage as much as this next fellow, including my beloved Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark, to name a few. Similarly and judging by the size of my belly, I don’t miss any meals. At the same time, that’s a lot of chow and drink, especially considering it was during her travel time. Perhaps she was hosting a gaggle of Sumo wrestlers. You never know.

Nonetheless, I am not surprised. Royalty behaves this way. They let the little people pay for their gluttony.

Cheers! And please pass the bon bons.

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Remember what brought about this?

The people occupying positions in the United States Federal Government are acting much like King George III. After some dithering, the following post was made by another precursor to what we know now as a “blog.” It was the town crier of Philadelphia, circa 4 July 1776. Here’s what was said in case you missed it. Please read carefully.

In particular, I draw your attention to the following:

“He has refused his assent to laws most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

“He has obstructed the administration of justice by refusing his assent for laws establishing judiciary powers.”

“He has erected a multitude of new offices.”


If any more explanation is required… forget it.

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What was this all about?

In light of recent actions by the people currently holding positions of power in the United States Federal Government, I humbly ask readers of this blog to take a moment to read this document, originally posted on the earliest of blogs (namely a stout tree in the Boston area circa 1773).

bostonteapartyjoycenoticeReplace the term “Tea Consignee” with “the United States Congress and President.” There you have it, what must be done with the pretenders who are doing everything they can to ruin what was once the greatest nation to grace this earth.

(As a side note, remember that Benjamin Franklin, the first and finest American yet to walk this same earth, insisted that the tea destroyed during the Boston Tea Party be paid for. Several merchants went to Lord North, then Britain’s Prime Minister and offered to pay the damages. Lord North declined the offer. Thus, the die had been cast with regard to the future of the Colonies.)