A nice guy.

You would be hard pressed to find a nicer guy than Congressman Joe Sestak (D Pennsylvania). Mr. Sestak is a mild-mannered, soft spoken fellow who engages people with a kindly smile and focused eyes. He served many years in the United States Navy and a couple of terms in Congress.

Nonetheless, I learned at a town hall meeting yesterday that Congressman Sestak has a tenuous grasp on the facts of American life. When I asked him how the government was going to pay for the new health care plan, he said that according to the Congressional Budget Office the cost was completely covered by the provisions in the bill. Incredible. When reminded that the CBO has been frequently in error with these predictions he continued the party line that this was fully paid for unlike so many of the previous entitlements created during other administrations.

I give Mr. Sestak credit for staying on message. He knows how to filibuster with long-winded answers that essentially dodge the facts, repeat a mantra, and serve to wear down any opposition. He failed yesterday. More than three quarters of the people present were in opposition not only to the health care plan but also many of the other programs he supports. When asked about how the government could simply take over the college loan business from private banks, Mr. Sestak casually mentioned how it would save money. Never did he address the issue of whether or not it was appropriate for the government to engage in this activity. One fell swoop, according to the good congressman, its finished. I was left wondering what else the government wolf had in mind to swallow.

And so it went. People respectfully confronted the issues only to be met with well intentioned but ill-reasoned responses. This is a sad commentary on the quality of elected officials in the United States. But its not all bad. The people are awake and on the march. If this level of interest is sustained through November, there is the possibility of a sea-change in the political make-up of the nation.

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One more straw…

Today I read Peggy Noonan’s regular piece in The Wall Street Journal. Normally I appreciate Ms. Noonan’s insightful and carefully crafted missives. Today was one more straw on the back of a camel’s back that’s about to break. You see, Ms. Noonan, like so many others, refers to the people in the current administration as “so bright” and also mentions that these dolts are led by someone who is also “bright.” Ahem. I beg to differ.

In the first place, the current US Administration has produced nothing successful in terms of domestic or foreign policy. They have recycled a mantra born of Marx, raised by Euro-socialists, and finally polished to high gloss by Hollywood, USA. Please, “spreading the wealth” policies aren’t ones created by “bright” people. They’re created by bitter, angry, envious, and dim people, ones typically bent on telling the rest of the country that the rules are to be obeyed except by themselves. Consider the results: consistent failure by any measure. Does the Euro-socialist have less debt and higher living standards? No. They’re invoice has come due and they’re scrambling with how to pay. Has the Middle East been mollified to even a minor degree. Sorry, no. Have the Iranians given up the quest for the A-bomb? Uh, not hardly. Has the economy snapped back? Not yet. Has China agreed to free-float their currency? Nope. Have the Russian laid off their former satellites? Nyet. Chavez taken a powder? No.

As for leadership by Ms. Noonan’s supposedly “bright” person, consider that he drops a list of demands before the prime minister of Israel and walks out for a meal. Is this the action of a “bright” man? No, this is the method of an angry, arrogant, envious, and pitifully dim man. He results to brute thuggery. Why? Isn’t this the one who is supposed to be so eloquent, so persuasive, so congenial? No, he is not. If he were “bright” as too many claim, he would not have had to bribe Congress and various constituencies to pound through his health care plan. He would have made appeals that gained support without the purchase price of billions. He would have been able to have a meaningful and productive dialog with another head of state. No, the Oval Office is not occupied by a particularly bright person. All evidence points to the exact opposite.

What the evidence also shows is that the “press” and many members of Congress and too many people in the public no longer have an accurate method of measuring the quality of those in high office. What passes for “bright” today is woefully below the mark. If you wear a snazzy suit, walk with a swagger, and wag your finger in moments of barely controlled hostility, well, you’re a bright fellow capable of leading a nation. Never mind that you’re a retread worn down to the cords the moment you stepped into the light. You look good through the soft-focus lens. Peggy Noonan said so. And that makes it true.

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Stalin is reported to have said something along the lines of, “If you know the rape is coming, you might as well enjoy it.”

To those members of congress and the current administration, who now gloat over their pyrrhic victory, let me advise another text, this one from the Book of Proverbs, 16:18. “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Today and all this week, the compromised media will crow for the administration. Reporters will thump out pieces about the need to “move forward” to “heal wounds.” This is a natural reaction because too much of the media enjoys the rape room. They were born to lose and prefer the sweet misery of defeat and victimhood over the diligent but laborious nature of victory. What? Read that again and then follow this: Many media members actually prefer to be abused. Consider the evidence of their recent behavior. How many challenged the double accounting of the health care bill that just passed? How many confronted the reality that this bill is laden with deals? How many asked well structured questions about how many doctors will be leaving the profession? Precious few. Why? Why are they sitting idly by?

A major reason is that the modern reporter seeks the balmy light of the royals currently in power. The modern reporter basks in the famous-by-association nature of their positions close to the tyrants. “I was there when the health care bill passed,” they’ll tell their grandchildren. And when the grandchildren ask, “Why do you have to wait years for open heart surgery?” the retired reporter will admonish them with, “Don’t be selfish!”

The lure of fame and power is strong indeed. Certainly the current government knows how to do wield it. They admit to rock star management styles, to staging events like Hollywood spectacles, and to conjuring up a bit of suspense to keep everyone on their seat. The press and the public, humans one and all, have taken the bait. They’ll soon be experiencing the other side of this mysticism and that will indeed be uncomfortable. The rape will begin soon. It will start with taxes, move on to rationing, and then to what is known as and I double E in my novel, Universal Coverage. That’s an Imminent Expiration Event, when the administration of the health care system figures a person isn’t worth the ¬†effort and money it would take to keep them alive. It may be that much of the populace, like the reporters, will sit back and enjoy the beast. They’ll sigh and moan, “I sacrificed for the cause.”

However, with this attack will begin the collapse of the nation. Through the arrogant, prideful ways of a maladjusted administration, the United States will descend into the ranks of also-rans. That is unless a cadre of brave souls, like those CEO’s mentioned yesterday in this blog, rise to the challenge. If they discover another Biblical passage, Matthew 7:13. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Yes, we freedom appreciating members of the citizenry need to form a Party of Restoration. We must find the narrow gate and enter a place of righteousness that denies the largesse of the common pot, that provides opportunity without political preference, that denies purchase to the savages who would make us their victims. We must seek the difficult not for the sake of pain but because the hotter the furnace and heavier the hammer the higher quality the mettle. The easy road is now clogged with the damned. Let them enjoy their folly at their peril. When they come to us, the producers, in search of protection and respite from their beloved doom, well, then they will find the narrow gate has been walled up by their own hand, just as they beg for it to be.

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Fiction becomes…

…fact. That’s right. My novel, Universal Coverage, which I have been shamelessly promoting here on my blog, will now become fact. Mr. Stupak of Michigan committed his act of treachery to his own principals and made a deal with the royals now controlling the nation’s political machine. With the stroke of the royal pen and the bang of Ms. Pelosi’s oversized gavel, the United States of America will officially become a socialist nation. Already the federal government controls vast sectors of the economy and this will put it within striking distance of 50%. They’re not stopping there. Cap and trade is next and then the game will be completely over.

My fellow Americans, if you have an ounce of honor left, direct your energies to resist this tyranny. We were once a nation of individuals who found solutions to their own problems, who did not look to the divine rule of kings but to the self-regulation and support of ourselves. Sadly, this ethos has been diluted and perhaps completely lost. However, there may be those of you still willing to live free, to throw off the yoke, to make your own way. If so, read on. If not, suffer your fate silently under the fist of the socialist masters.

If you made it this far, you’re probably a producer yourself, someone who actually provides valuable services, products, and/or labor to your fellows. What we must do, is stop producing. Do not make the rope by which the socialist will hang you. Put down your tools, stop making the things they need, stop giving them what they demand, what they are stealing from you every day. Stalin starved the peasants, but the peasants starved Stalin. By not feeding the great Soviet beast, the peasants denied Stalin his total victory. He and his successors had to beg and borrow and steal wheat from the US, Argentina, and elsewhere. So it must be from this day forward.

Extreme… let me tell you about extreme. Imagine if the CEO of Exxon called a special shareholders meeting. He announces that due to the government’s continued intrusion and malfeasance, he is idling all production of petroleum and its byproducts. Maintenance only to keep the equipment in good condition. One company as large as Exxon doing this could cause a major disruption in the energy supply of the US. Furthermore, if the CEO of Sunoco and perhaps Conoco/Phillips joined in, the economy would very quickly grind to a halt. If there is a CEO with guts out there, let him do this. Similarly, let American Airlines, Delta, and Continental do the same thing. Just park all the planes for 72 hours, catch up on the maintenance and tell the government that if they don’t fly right, the planes won’t be in the air.

But they’ll go bankrupt, a wily critic may say. Nonsense! The government survives by the faith of its people in its right to rule. Well, this government has proven itself to be nothing but a series of royal decries, seizures, and acts of enslavement. With any major industry shutting down, the government would soon understand how weak they really are as would the rest of the population.

Besides, the government is about to drive health care companies into bankruptcy because the health care industry did not unite against this illegal attack and also to take complete control of them. So again, all you doctors, nurses, technicians, researchers, every one of you. Don’t go to work for a week, for two weeks, for as long as possible. Why? If you allow this takeover, you will be worse than bankrupt, you will be a slave to the great collective. Your orders will come from on high. And you patients, well, hopefully you have friends in high places with the authority to schedule your surgeries and treatments. If not, sorry, you’ll be in line, just like at the busy deli you like so much.

Seriously, my fellow Americans, the time to stop producing is NOW. Go on strike. These royals don’t know how to make the lights come on, the toilets flush, the engines to run, or the planes to fly. They know nothing but thuggery: the continued stealing from and enslavement of a docile population. Fight them with everything you have. Otherwise, you’ll be lost to the gristmill socialist slavery.

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