Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor

For years I read things about the Spanish city of Salamanca. Here was established one of the world’s first universities. It’s also an ecclesiastical city with it’s share of significant church buildings. The plaza mayor is famous in its own right, and for good reason. It is a sterling example of Spain’s architectural legacy. I finally got to see it and was mightily impressed. Take a look at the photo.

There are the requisite cafes, which I mostly avoid in pursuit of more exotic settings for a meal. More important are the throngs of people passing through for business or pleasure. Here the world collides politely. The people watching is fantastic. Take your time and see as much as you can.

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Plaza Mayor, Madrid

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain, is a fun place. The photo below is your basic tourist shot. No matter, it would take dozens of photos to document the area.

At street level, there are a wide variety of shops selling everything from old stamps, to hats, to post cards. There’s also a number of restaurants that put their tables in the plaza. Many of these are very good and should not be overlooked. Just a few streets away, you’ll find more restaurants and shops as this area is still the heart of the “old city.” On Sunday mornings, stamp and coin collectors set up their tables under the cloister around the edge of the plaza. I’ve seen some amazing old stamps, stock certificates, and coins on these days. That type of market gives a deeper glimpse into the culture of a place like Madrid.

Last but not least, take a look at that blue sky. It’s one of the simple, and yet stunningly beautiful, things about Spain.

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