The Reaction…

Here are two newspapers, one from Poland, the other from the Czech Republic.

NA-BA585_MISSIL_NS_20090918165518Too bad an American has to read the foreign press to get the facts. Of course, what remains of the so-called “press” in the United States is reminiscent of Pravda circa 1962. Thus, to demand any semblance of honesty is to bark up an empty tree.

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My Friends in Poland…

To my friends in Poland, including former professors, those I’ve met in the course of book events, and others, I am deeply saddened to see your nation once again in peril. Of course, you do not have to hear this from me. You’ve known it for months now. The difference is that the rest of the world knows it, too. I fear your sovereignty will once again be trampled, your populace abused, your progress and hard work stolen. You’ve been bargained away, traded like yard sale leftovers in exchange for precious little.

Does anyone remember 1938… 1939… 1945?

Trust no one, especially allies bearing promises.

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The People You Meet

The previous post showed photos from one of my book signing events in Aruba. During the course of a previous event that week, I met a fellow from Poland, John T. He had the most fascinating life story I’ve heard to date. First, here is a photo of John and I, on his 84th birthday.

polandJohn was in the Polish Underground during the Second World War. He fought the Nazis and the Russian Communists. His brother was involved with another resistance group which was sometimes at odds with John’s. As the war came to an end, John escaped from Poland (to avoid the Soviets) and ended up in Germany of all places before making his way to America. He was very successful in business and now visits Aruba, Poland, and other places every year. What a guy!

You never know what a person has accomplished until you take the time to speak with them for a few minutes. I have the good fortune to be able to engage people from all over the world and all walks of life at my book events and in my travels. This is one of life’s great pleasures that I can not say enough about. It’s better than anything on TV; that’s for sure. So get out there and talk to somebody!

John, it was an honor to meet you and shake your hand. I wish you another 84 years and the best of everything. You earned it!

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