Air Mail, from wayback

I remember the special, air mail envelopes. Always felt like an important message was being sent, regardless of the contents. Special envelope, special stamps. Well, here’s one from the 1960’s.

Mention of Pan American Airways brings plenty of nostalgia with it. Here’s the reverse with the Aruba post mark.

Little items like this make for great writing inspiration. They’ll show up in my stories soon.

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Eagle Beach, Aruba (2 and 3)

Here’s a photo from November 2022. A quick snap taken with a Nikon F5 and Nikkor 20mm AF-D lens. Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

It’s one of the photos you grab in the moment. Simply point and press the shutter. Later, you find out what you have. I like this one. It captures the vibe without telling too much. Sometimes… that’s better than megapixel details.

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Valiant in Savaneta

In my early days of 4×5 photography, I toted a field camera to Aruba to make some images. This was one of them, taking in Savaneta in 2003:

The exposure is okay, not great. The composition also not great. Still, it’s a moment in time at a place that was magical. Returning to 4×5 and that field camera, I look forward to making better images, especially in Aruba.

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Shoco Snack, Aruba

You’ll find Shoco Snack on Schotlandstraat between Ling’s Grocery and the Sasaki Texaco.

Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Shoco Snack, Aruba.

This is a local joint, mostly take-away, but there are a few seats at the counter where you can enjoy your snack and read Diario, the local newspaper.

The counter at Shoco Snack, Aruba.

The counter at Shoco Snack, Aruba.

The food here is local, simple, hearty fare. The prices are reasonable, meaning currently you’ll spend about 20 florins or less for a platter like you see below.

Roast chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Roast chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Of course, each day they have a few specials. I recommend going early for lunch to get your selection. Below is the grilled chicken platter.

Grilled chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Grilled chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

There’s plenty of food there, enough rice for 3 people underneath the chicken. This might be an easy alternative for a quick meal during your stay. Bon dia.