Segovia’s Roman Aqueduct

By most accounts, Segovia’s Roman aqueduct was built sometime around the 1st or 2nd Century AD. It stands more than 93 feet tall including the foundation, which reaches down about 16 feet. Building this device was no small task, but the Romans were no amateurs. I had the pleasure of visiting Segovia again this May, and made a short video showing the structure as it stretches above the plaza below. Take a look:

The structure has been in use since it was built with a few interruptions and repairs. The Moors destroyed a piece of it, but it was subsequently rebuilt under the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. There are also accessory structures such as the “water house” that are part of the water system. These are less popular destinations but important to understand the thoroughness with which the Romans created their civilization.

I’ll have more photos and video about Segovia soon. It is an interesting city to visit and I hope to get there again.

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