Tower Bridge, photos

A good friend (Thanks, Dr. Pete!) sent me these photos from London’s Tower Bridge, showing it under construction in 1892. Impressive.

You can see the wooden ships in the foreground and the steel structure of the bridge behind, two worlds colliding here. The next one shows some of the masonry shaping up.

It’s amazing to think of a time before this bridge was there. And the story goes that these photographs were left behind in an old building and kept by a fellow for many years before the resurfaced. Here’s another look.

There you see the steam derricks off to the side. Hard work back then and no computer simulations to test out the design. Must have been a good one, because the bridge is still there, an icon of London and Great Britain.

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Quiet Streets in Spain

During my travels, I enjoy walking quiet streets, having a chat with the old folks lingering on porches or tossing a treat to the odd stray cat. While in Spain this was particularly interesting because of the contrast between the old buildings and the new. Some of them date to medieval times, some from a few years ago. The town of Jerte showed this juxtaposition very well as you’ll see in this next video. It’s not brilliant footage, just documentary images of what was and what is. Take a look.

There was that friendly elderly couple on the bench and a cat, too. These elements add great authenticity to any place, including a native perspective on visitors like myself who are just passing through. Enjoy the journey.

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Burgos Monuments

Burgos, Spain, is a university town, sometimes overrun by that crowd. At the same time, you’ll find some significant monuments, like the cathedral and the old city gate.

In the cathedral above, El Cid is buried. The history of El Cid is well worth reading, especially for lessons in political will and military conquest. Then there is the old city gate.

Hard to miss that one. Just inside the gate you’ll find a plaza with several streets radiating from it. Along those streets are the bars and restaurants frequented by the students.

If you’re looking at the cathedral facade and thinking that it reminds you of one in northern Europe, you’d be spot on because the architect was from Cologne, Germany.

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Santa Basilica, Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca has more than its fair share of ecclesiastical buildings, including the Santa Basilica. While visiting there, I made this video. Near the middle you’ll see a chapel with a relic that is actually the arm of a saint.

Remember, this is just one of the massive structures open to the public in Salamanca. You can visit a few of them in one day, but certainly not all. I plan to return to Salamanca for a look at the ones I missed.

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