Welcome to Pompeii!

Pompeii is one of those archaeological sites that’s a buck-list must for many people, including me. I’d watched countless videos about it, read books, and hoped to get there one day.


Well, I finally did. The photo above shows one of the entrances through the town walls. Note Mt. Vesuvius in the background. From this angle, you can see about 1/3 of the crater cone is missing. That’s the part that came down the hill, burying the town. Here’s another gate, this one actually in town:DSC_3140Note those paved streets, curbs, and sidewalks. Not much different than a modern town. The next posts, will take a closer look at the buildings in town, including houses, the baths, and shops.

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Pan over Ancient Rome

I took this little video from atop the Palantine Hill. On the left is the Roman Forum and ancient temples, panning all the way to the right where the Colosseum Stands. Take a look.

Just imagine, this was the very center of the known world about 2,000 years ago. Incredible.

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Moasterio de la Armedilla, Spain

Driving south from PeƱafiel toward Segovia, I came upon the ruins of the Monasterio de Armedilla.


The plaque above shows a rendition of how it once looked. Today, you’ll find ruins of the main buildings:


And here’s a look inside:


It’s amazing how many ruins of structures like this exist in Spain. One need only drive along some of the more rural roads to encounter them.


Just be careful doing any exploring. There many be dangerous conditions and creatures about.

Ruins, Part 2

I’m working on a scene for my next novel, Under A Blue Flag, that takes place in this ruined house.

Ruins are great places for dramatic scenes. They’re abandoned, forgotten places where a character can meet his destiny or decide what it will be. If you remember some of those other posts I put up about atmosphere, you’ll know that ruins are also great for that purpose. They’re moody, full of history, reminiscent of the past, and sometimes pessimistic about the future.

The abandoned cunucu house shown in the photo above is actually in an area on the island of Aruba known as Paradera. My characters end up here after a series of wrong turns. I don’t want to say too much more out of fear of revealing too much. Under A Blue Flag ties in directly to its predecessor, An Island Away. Nonetheless, I’m writing the sequel to be a stand alone volume so that it is not necessary (but it would be a good idea) to read the first book.

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