Saint Peter’s, Rome, Italy

Saint Peter’s Basilica features a limitless number of opportunities to take great photos. Of the many I took, this is my favorite so I put it here first in the post:

DSC_3328The light was perfect and the light is what matters most in any photograph. Going back to the beginning, here’s a view from outside:

DSC_3344People line up to enter the basilica. We were lucky to avoid that line by entering via another tour. Going back inside, don’t miss the statue of Saint Peter, worn by millions of people touching his foot:

DSC_3305The interior of this massive structure will impress and amaze:

DSC_3292No doubt about it:

DSC_3297It was pleasant inside as nearly all visitors show great respect for the site:

DSC_3326Linger as long as you can. There’s plenty to see.


Sistine Chapel, a few photos

In a previous post, I put up the video from inside the Sistine Chapel. Now, I add a few still photos taken with my Nikon 1 AW and that beautiful wide angle lens. The first is Michaelangelo’s apocalypse which is behind the altar:

DSC_3266And here is a view of the ceiling:

DSC_3279And a slightly closer shot of the center of the ceiling:


The next view gives you a sort of perspective on the chapel:


I was fortunate to have the early morning “Waking the Vatican” tour when photos were permitted. It was worth arriving on-site at 5:45 AM. I’d do it again and pay the price to view this magnificent art work. Coming soon: A post from inside St. Peter’s.

Hall of Maps, Vatican Museum

The Hall of Maps is surely one of the highlights of the Vatican Museum. During the “Waking the Vatican” tour, a visitor has the privilege of standing in the darkness as the key master switches on the lights. Here’s a video showing our reaction:

It was an impressive experience. Of course, once your eyes adjust to the light the maps are easy to see and brilliant renditions for the time they were created. This tour is worth every cent. I’ll post photos showing some of the maps at a later date.

GoCar Tours, Barcelona

While ambling about Barcelona, Spain, I spotted these interesting three-wheeled vehicles:

GoCar vehicle in Barcelona, Spain.

GoCar vehicle in Barcelona, Spain.

Basically, you can rent these cars and they’ll take you on a GPS guided “talking tour” providing you with interesting tidbits along the way.

Detail of the GoCar in Barcelona, Spain.

Detail of the GoCar in Barcelona, Spain.

In the photo above, you see the GPS screen as well as the gauges on the console.

Another view of the GoCar in Barcelona, Spain.

Another view of the GoCar in Barcelona, Spain.

Might be a fun way to do your own tour of a major city. This company does have cars in other cities, which may be an option for your travel plans.

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