Propeller Lift

Check out this photo of a crane lifting a ship’s propeller at the Aker Shipyard in Philadelphia, PA USA:


You can see the ship, nearly completed, in the background. In the foreground at the various winches that will be installed on deck. Looking forward to getting more great photos and video of these operations.

Carrier bow…

Here’s another look at that aircraft carrier mothballed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This time, it’s a look directly at the bow.DSC_1228

There’s plenty of air draft on such a ship, which means some clever engineering to keep it right side up. It’s always impressive to see such a massive structure up close. I’d like to see one moving at speed some day.


Carrier at rest…

There’s an aircraft carrier at rest in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Been tied up there for several years now. Finally got around to taking some photos and video. Here’s some live footage with an American Airlines jet overhead:

Aircraft on final to Philadelphia International Airport pass overhead, which made for an interesting view. More photos from this visit to come soon. Stay tuned.

Behind the dam…

Well, it’s not exactly a dam, but rather a coffer dam, or a door, or the thing that holds back the Delaware River at the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Take a look at this photo:

The coffer dam of a graving dock at the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

The coffer dam of a graving dock at the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

Click on the photo for a larger version, and count the numbers on the left, indicating feet above the bottom. Then imagine all the water that thing is holding back. If it lets go, you’re going to get deluged by the full force of the river. Thanks to a friend, I was able to check out the laying of keel blocks in this graving dock. More posts to follow, hopefully, showing the vessel on the blocks, which is an amazing thing in its own right.