Snow Bike

Bicycling is lots of fun and can keep you fit. Winter is no reason to stop riding, either. As you can see in the photo below, I took to the streets and trails on my trusty Trek.


Of course, I wasn’t jumping over piles of snow. But I’ve been out there plenty this winter season, wearing my cold weather gear, cranking out the miles and burning the calories. The Trek never misses a beat. Just be careful around the cars and other hazards.

Don’t underestimate…

…the value of a stationary trainer. In this case, I opted for a magnetic resistance unit, to which I attached my Trek mountain bike. At first I thought this thing was not all that challenging. After a little while, I started to sweat. Then I was really sweating. I added some light dumbbells for some upper body resistance and that did the total trick. What a good workout. It’s about all aerobic, but that’s what is needed in this case.

So, if you have a bike and don’t like to head out in the cold. Hook up a stationary unit and pedal away. You’ll be surprised how well it work.

Be good. Be well.

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