View from the Gym, Aruba

Despite consuming copious amounts of food as depicted in previous posts, I’ve been exercising very regularly. Here in Aruba, I stop by the gym along L.G. Smith Boulevard, that has one heck of a view from the treadmills and elliptical training machines. Take a look.

View from the gym in Aruba.

Yeah, that’s the Caribbean out there with a little stretch of beach. The only thing is, you can’t allow yourself to be distracted while you’re working out. The crystal blue water will do that from time to time. At any rate, I’m enjoying the exercise, keeping the belly to reasonable proportions, and generally improving my health. Be well and bon dia from Aruba.

Don’t underestimate…

…the value of a stationary trainer. In this case, I opted for a magnetic resistance unit, to which I attached my Trek mountain bike. At first I thought this thing was not all that challenging. After a little while, I started to sweat. Then I was really sweating. I added some light dumbbells for some upper body resistance and that did the total trick. What a good workout. It’s about all aerobic, but that’s what is needed in this case.

So, if you have a bike and don’t like to head out in the cold. Hook up a stationary unit and pedal away. You’ll be surprised how well it work.

Be good. Be well.

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Get Well Mr. Mayor

It is with some dismay that I learned former NYC mayor Ed Koch is in the hospital, awaiting major heart surgery. Mr. Koch is one of those outsized personalities that make New York City the place that it is. He is a unique character in the pantheon of famous politicians. I remember my earliest days living in the City when Koch was mayor. He did a difficult job with panache, never shied from issuing his opinion, and stood up for a city that many others were all to happy to bemoan. He also has a good sense of the man in the street, the average person who lives a regular life, which is a sensibility that is claimed by rarely present in modern leaders.

So, get well, Mr. Mayor! (And since I won’t be around this December let me say happy birthday number 85 now.)

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