Washington’s Chapel, video

While visiting Washington’s Chapel, Valley Forge, PA, USA, I also took some video inside and out. Here’s a brief look to supplement yesterday’s post:

I’ll be posting more photos and video from Valley Forge in the future. Weather has been difficult lately. Stay tuned here at The Bent Page and my Facebook page. Thank you.

Washington’s Chapel, Valley Forge

Visitors to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA will find some beautiful scenery and this stunningly beautiful chapel.


The attached cloister is a good place to meditate. Inside you’ll find a marvelous space with historic flags and stained glass.


And don’t miss the many details, such as this figure in the wrought iron:


There’s plenty to do at Valley Forge so take your time.

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is hallowed ground. It was here that George Washington and his ragtag army toughed out a bitter winter. He rallied those troops despite the conditions and challenges that lay ahead. Today, there is a park where the troops formed their camp. A bicycle trail traces a path around the perimeter.

This building serves as offices for the nearby church. I’ve always liked it. The stonework is exceptional, the leaded glass windows stately. It’s located a bit close to the road. Still, if I could move it to another place, it would be a noble home. Behind it is a cemetery encased in mature, leafy trees. More hallowed ground.

Throughout the park, you’ll find replicas of the huts the Continental Army used as shelter. (You’ll also find plenty of deer. Be careful when driving through the area. The deer have a habit of jumping out at the last minute.)┬áHere is a photo of the huts.

On this day, 7 years after the 9/11 attacks in New York, we should all be thankful for those who’ve made recent sacrifices as well as those who did more than 200 years ago in order to begin the United States of America. They risked their lives against the world’s superpower in 1776, suffered through winters like the one at Valley Forge, and ultimately prevailed. Are we willing to give it our all the way they did?

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