A drink at O’Hara’s, NYC

Kind of strange that for all my wanderings in New York City, I never found myself in O’Hara’s, which is located near the World Trade Center site. At last I stopped in here for a drink.


For all the emergency responders, this place is a site of pilgrimage as it was a refuge on that terrible September day. At present, you’ll find patches and memorabilia posted on the wall from all over the world. The staff is friendly, the drinks reliable. Enjoy, but perhaps with a slightly heavy heart.

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Photo Archive of 9/11 Attack (May 2014)

With the opening of the 9/11 Museum at the former World Trade Center site in New York City, I was compelled to dig into the photo archives. I departed New York Harbor aboard a ship on Sunday, 9 September 2011 and took a number of photos of the Manhattan Skyline, including the World Trade Center itself, not to mention several tugboats working the Hudson River. Of course, two days later, disaster struck. And one week later, I drove to the site for a first-hand look, toting my Hasselblad, Nikon, and plenty of gear. It was a long walk down to the site and worth every drop of sweat. One of the photos I took was of a newsstand that had been closed since 11 September. Inside, it was like a time capsule of the news of the day. Here’s a look at the sheet of film of those images:

Archive page of photos from 11 September disaster.

Archive page of photos from 11 September disaster.

The one labeled “#6” is the one I mentioned avow. Here’s a closer look:

Look into a closed newsstand from 11 September attack.

Look into a closed newsstand from 11 September attack.

There you see the Daily News with it’s screaming headline.  You can also see the reflection of my leg and foot in the glass. It was quite a site to see that day, one I will never forget. I’m grateful to have my own images, ones that I will keep forever.

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Eight Years And Counting…

Eight years ago today, terrorists attacked the United States of America.

Does anyone remember?


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Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is hallowed ground. It was here that George Washington and his ragtag army toughed out a bitter winter. He rallied those troops despite the conditions and challenges that lay ahead. Today, there is a park where the troops formed their camp. A bicycle trail traces a path around the perimeter.

This building serves as offices for the nearby church. I’ve always liked it. The stonework is exceptional, the leaded glass windows stately. It’s located a bit close to the road. Still, if I could move it to another place, it would be a noble home. Behind it is a cemetery encased in mature, leafy trees. More hallowed ground.

Throughout the park, you’ll find replicas of the huts the Continental Army used as shelter. (You’ll also find plenty of deer. Be careful when driving through the area. The deer have a habit of jumping out at the last minute.) Here is a photo of the huts.

On this day, 7 years after the 9/11 attacks in New York, we should all be thankful for those who’ve made recent sacrifices as well as those who did more than 200 years ago in order to begin the United States of America. They risked their lives against the world’s superpower in 1776, suffered through winters like the one at Valley Forge, and ultimately prevailed. Are we willing to give it our all the way they did?

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