Guardian of the Grapes, Spain

While touring about La Rioja, I spotted this capable canine keeping an eye on the vineyard:

DSC_2432Was a friendly dog. He patrolled the rows of grapes a while then retreated to the shade of the nearby bodega for a nap. Good to know there’s someone looking after the coming harvest.

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Views of La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, like much of Spain, features some marvelous views. A broad valley of fields and vineyards, it is dotted by some hills from which you can see for miles.

DSC_2480.JPGThere are mountains on either side. When the weather rolls in, you can see the clouds folding over the top and spilling downward.

fullsizeoutput_c47.jpegThis is a place to linger, to check out the local scene, enjoy the food and wine. Take your time.

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La Rioja, Spain, panorama photos

While visiting the La Rioja region of Spain, I managed to test the panorama function on my little Nikon 1 AW camera. These photos were taken with the 6.7-13mm zoom lens, set on 6.7 side. Everything else, was done automatically by the camera. Here’s one taken from a rural road showing the vineyards:

Panorama of the vineyards in La Rioja, Spain.

Panorama of the vineyards in La Rioja, Spain.

Considering the camera did all the exposure work, it came out fairly well. Here’s another taken from a road that skirted the valley below:

Another panorama looking over a valley in La Rioja, Spain.

Another panorama looking over a valley in La Rioja, Spain.

It seems to be a total of about 180 degrees of view. I like this function and the way the camera performs. You can get a wider view and therefore a different perspective on the scene. And the Nikon 1 AW makes it rather easy. Take as many photos as you can!