Gathering Sound EFX

A few years ago, I purchased the ZOOM H4n digital recorder. What a fantastic device! I’ve used it on countless video projects, everything from music videos to vlog studio work, the whole range. Lately, I’ve been out gathering sound EFX, building a library of original sounds for use in current and future endeavors. Here you see me atop the water tank hill in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI:

Recording sound in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI with the Zoom H4n.

Recording sound in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI with the Zoom H4n.

For such a small, lightweight device, the H4n works like a dream. Multiple inputs, recording modes, and a pair of built in stereo mics. Really, this is a requirement for any production. Get one. Use it. Enjoy the beauty of sound.

Zoom H4n, video review

The Zoom H4n is an excellent digital audio recorder that is absolutely packed with features. In fact, the H4n has so much within it that I recommend checking out the Zoom company website for the details. Suffice it to say, this audio recorder far exceeds my expectations. I’m using it every week to improve my video productions by recording sound on location, especially sound effects that can be added later. Here’s a video review of it, including audio recorded at the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster County, PA, USA.

Now you saw one of the tricks of the trade, gathering sound separately and then using it with another video take for a specific reason. In a movie production, this happens all the time, allowing for dialog to be heard over top the sound of machinery or traffic or something else that would otherwise mask it. Whether you making videos like me, or a singer/songwriter, or a band looking to make a demo, the H4n will serve you well at a price all of us can afford.