Swarthmore Food Truckathon

For several years in a row, Swarthmore Co-Op has hosted a food truckathon. This year, I checked it out and was glad I did! Great food. Fun. All in one square block. Here’s the video:

Wow! Now I need to head back to the gym and burn all that off. Enjoy every meal.

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Esbit Pocket Stove, video review

This time, I take a look at the Esbit Pocket Stove (combined with the Stanley Cook Pot set). The Esbit Stove is a compact design that burns the solid fuel tablets, which are handy for camping or power outages or that sudden emergency. I found the Stanley cook pot set at a very good price and added it to my gear. Here they are in action:

I had to burn a complete fuel tablet to boil the water properly. It was only about 12 ounces. Thus, if you’re planning on boiling more water for rehydrating a freeze-dried meal, be sure to have plenty of tablets with you. They’re small and light, so it’s not a burden to have them along. Of course, the stove folds neatly, making it easy to carry as well. Both items would be perfect for your get home bag or bug out bag.

Adventure Medical Kits, video review

A first aid kit is necessary for your vehicle, house, and even your suitcase when you travel. Today, I take a look at the World Travel model from Adventure Medical Kits. This one is rather large for personal travel. It’s designed to be used for up to four people on a multi-day trip. Hence, it contains quite a bit of the items you might need, from bandages and pain killers to a scissor and spare bottles for your own meds. Take a look at the video:

I would add a few things, such as a seat belt cutter, my personal medical info on a card, a penlight, and hand sanitizer. Still, this is a great kit to have on hand. Check the one you have and make sure the meds are current and that it is customized for your own personal needs.

A Few Flying Pictures

Lately, I’ve been able to get up in the air, thanks to some great weather and the Diamond DA-40. Here’s a look at Runway 29, Schuylkill County, Joe Zerby (KZER):

Departing Runway 29 at KZER (Schuylkill County, Joe Zerby Field).

Departing Runway 29 at KZER (Schuylkill County, Joe Zerby Field).

And here’s a view of the Susquehanna River in Southern Pennsylvania, USA:

East bound over the Susquehanna River in Southern Pennsylvania, USA.

East bound over the Susquehanna River in Southern Pennsylvania, USA.

On mornings like these, it’s very hard to stay on the ground. Remember, always do your checklist!


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