Just flying along…

One of the joys of VFR flight is cruising along. You get to see everything down there from way up here.

Over Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

You can sit back and let the autopilot do most of the work while you take in the scenery. And even in a small airplane, you’re still getting where you want to go at around two nautical miles per minute. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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Homemade MRE, Menu 1, video

As announced several days ago here at The Bent Page, I came up with my homemade MRE meals, affectionately known as Shipwreck Rations. Menu 1 is about as simple as it gets, chicken and rice, with a flameless ration heater and some goodies on the side. Check out the video here:

That’s a great meal to take camping or keep on hand for an emergency. I’ve also taken it on bike treks and flying safaris, when dining options were severely limited. Of course, making your own MREs gives you the option of customizing them to your tastes, allergies, or other reasons. As I said, I didn’t save any money, but I did get exactly what I wanted. Check back here for Menu 2, which is buffalo chili, black beans, and rice, a meal for cold climates. Thanks and subscribe to stay up to date. (My YouTube channel, lenswork4, has more MRE reviews plus lots of other fun stuff.)

Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel

While not much of a beer drinker, I do enjoy those hearty brews of the “dunkel” style. The Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel is my favorite so far. Here’s a look at the bottle:

1/2 a liter of Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel.

1/2 a liter of Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel.

I should have poured in into a glass, but tell the truth, I was guzzling this! It has a velvety feel and a hint of chocolate aftertaste. In other words, a mighty fine beverage, especially on a chilly fall afternoon. Fortunately, I have a store close to home that sells all manner of exotic beers, with knowledgeable people at the counter to help with making a selection. Bottoms up!

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Homemade MRE, intro video

Some decades ago, the military created the Meal Ready to Eat, aka MRE. The concept was that everything in the pouch could be eaten with minimal (if any) preparation. Over the years, these meals have improved significantly. Nonetheless, there are those of us that like to create our own, tailored to our tastes or specific requirements. Hence, I came up with a name: Shipwreck Rations. Here’s a video introducing my concept.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see a total of four individual meals and two 24HR packs. Each one is truly an MRE, meaning you can eat them as is. There’s also a heating method, either flameless ration heater or micro stove, to warm them up. These are useful to have on hand for disaster both man-made and natural, as well as camping, bicycle treks, flying safaris, and much more. Keep one or two at work in case you have to shelter in place. Either way, it is better to be prepared than to be hungry! Enjoy every meal.


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