Valiant in Savaneta

In my early days of 4×5 photography, I toted a field camera to Aruba to make some images. This was one of them, taking in Savaneta in 2003:

The exposure is okay, not great. The composition also not great. Still, it’s a moment in time at a place that was magical. Returning to 4×5 and that field camera, I look forward to making better images, especially in Aruba.

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Will vi?

Early this morning, I exited the gym (after a good workout) and noticed this unusual auto parked in the lot.

Will vi as seen in Aruba.

Will vi as seen in Aruba.

Odd looking ride with the name, “Will vi.” Here’s a look at the name badge for confirmation:

Will vi name badge.

Will vi name badge.

On closer inspection, I see the correct name is WiLL Vi. It’s a right hand drive vehicle produced by Toyota as part of some marketing endeavors they tried back in the early 2000’s. Here’s one more look.

The WiLL Vi profile.

The WiLL Vi profile.

The WiLL Vi profile.

Dig that rear window style, eh? Anyway, keep your eyes open, you’ll be surprised the things you see out there. I just wonder how this car ended up in Aruba?

Auto Navigation

There are dozens of GPS navigation devices available these days. You can use them in your car, on your bicycle, or while hiking in the woods. The ones that I’ve used have done a fairly good job. For example, while in Spain, I loaded the European maps onto the memory and found them to be quite accurate. Here’s a screen shot of the unit on the windshield of my rental car while in Segovia, Spain.

In the lower left corner of the photo you’ll see the tangle of streets that is Segovia. Directly ahead stands the Roman aqueduct. The software which provides guidance from point to point can make some unusual suggestions, sending you on less than optimal roads even though you select “fastest” or “highway” or a similar restriction. Still, it was better than paper maps in that it is constantly scrolling along with you as you drive. Not to mention that it is smaller and lighter.

In planning a trip as long and with as many stops as this last one to Spain, I always print out basic maps from one hotel to the next, or one specific sight to a hotel as a backup in case the GPS unit fails, is stolen, or other unforeseen act like sunspots that render it inoperable. Plus, those printouts serve as a basis to build the photo album later. Enjoy the journey!

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Underground, Aruba

Underground Aruba is a place to find hot rods, clothes, and other “kustom kulture” items. The storefront is located on L.G. Smith Blvd, on the access road and you can’t miss it. Here’s one of the hot rods.

ucaraIn this land of tiny imported cars, hotrods and low riders like the one above really stand out. Here’s another one.

ucarcThe price of gas may be high, but why not take a cruise like it’s 1957 again? You might enjoy yourself. And dig the custom art found on the door of one of the cars.

ucardClassy with the dice, the pin-up girl, and the martini glass all in one. They sell clothing and accessories in this store, including the Hardy line and so forth, which might be right up your alley. Here the sign so you won’t miss the place.

ucarbJust be careful behind the wheel during your island stay.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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