Post Card

I was just wondering how many readers of The Bent Page still send post cards to friends, family, and/or coworkers while on vacation or traveling. I mentioned earlier that I write a fair amount of letters. (This is an effort to stem fountain pen unemployment.) At the same time, whenever I travel, and frequently when I’m parked at home, I send a number of post cards, too.

Post cards were the twitter and email of the past. Sooner or later, they’ll probably disappear, replaced by another electronic form. The trouble with all that electronic stuff is that the formats change, the devices become obsolete, and data is inevitably lost. Certainly a post card (or letter) could be lost, destroyed, or otherwise rendered illegible. At the same time, you can simply pick the thing up, flip it over, and there it is.

My collection includes several large shoe boxes stuffed with cards. It’s a joy to flip back through them, triggering memories and conjuring up adventures. They’re also a great time keeper thanks to the post marks (should they be legible). Furthermore, they give an indication of the style of the day, what was hip in photography and design, as well as destinations and interests.

So when you’re out there beyond the horizon, or just around the corner, drop someone a card. After all, you get a thrill from receiving them don’t you?

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