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Here in Aruba, there are several “natural bridges.” They are natural stone bridges which have been undermined by the constant wave action of the Caribbean pounding against the shore. The largest of them collapsed in 2004. Immediately beside the site of that one, is a smaller one, somewhat interesting to view. More interesting to me, was the discovery of this display case in the gift shop at the Natural Bridge site.

cokecaserubaThat’s right, it’s full of Coca-Cola memorabilia. I’ve been in and out of this place at least a dozen times, yet never noticed this before. How could that be? Perhaps it is new. I asked but did not receive a good explanation. Either way, it is chock full of various items from Coca-Cola, and I suggested they move it forward so that visitors might better gaze up on the treasures therein.

If you come to Aruba, visit the natural bridge, and happen to stop in for an ice-cold Coca-Cola, don’t miss this little museum. There’s also a number of other things on view, including money from around the world, various trinkets to be bought, and a few tasty food items.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Papillon Restaurant, Aruba, DWI

Papillon is located in the new “Village” commercial area, across the street from the Radisson Hotel along Aruba’s Palm Beach.

papilaMost of the seating is outside, however, there are a few small tables inside. I prefer to eat inside but this time I took a seat outside, which turned out to be okay as the breeze was gentle and cool. There were three of us, each with different tastes. Escargot is a favorite, and upon finding it on the menu, it was ordered by one of our group. Here’s the presentation.

papileThat was different and the flavor was very good. I ordered a salad, which was full of delicious bits including shaved cheeze, walnuts, and such. Here it is.

papilfThen came the entrées. The salmon was ordered and reported to be delicious, and it can be seen below.

papilbThen there was the duck in a nice sauce as seen here.

papilcThose little potato croquettes served with the duck were a fresh touch. I went with a tried and true filet, which was cooked exactly right.

papildService at Papillon was professional and attentive. Wines were had by the glass and they were worthy of the prices. The cost of eating here is at the very upper limit of my budget. For a special night out, it was worth it.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Brisas del Mar no more

For many years, Brisas del Mar restaurant served diners in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI. It went through various owners, quality levels, and styles. Last year, a small storm managed to do some major damage to the waterfront building housing the restaurant. The owners decided not to reopen. Now the building is being demolished to make way for some waterfront villas. Here’s a photo of what remains of the old building.

brisasaKind of sad to see it in this condition. However, just to the right of this photo, you’ll find a billboard announcing the new villas. Here’s a look at that.

brisasbThese villas are a bit out of character for Savaneta, where time has sort of stood still these last 50 years. Nonetheless, people want to live beside the ocean and it’s the rare property here that can offer the opportunity. Oh, well.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Zeerovers Update

Zeerovers is an Aruban institution, a sort of fisherman’s wharf cum road house that can be found in Savaneta, one of the oldest settlements on the island. I’ve posted about it before and thought it was due for an update. The owners have rebuilt the seating areas out over the water, added some new dock space, and continue to host locals and visitors in a low-key atmosphere. Here is a photo of the new docks.

zeerovers1_082309I like this kind of place. You’re on the water without being in the sand. You’re close to friends new and old. And you have the opportunity for a game of dominoes, or pool, or just a chat. You might see the catch of the day coming in, or feed a pelican, or watch the local tom cat stalking around. There is no programed feel to the place, just a regular joint where you can put your feet up, kick back, and relax. Sounds just right, doesn’t it?

Bon dia from Aruba.

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