Handwriting Analysis

Mont Blanc hosted a fun event last week. They introduced some new fountain pens, watches, and other exotic wares at their King of Prussia, PA, USA location. They were good enough to invite me, and I showed up toting my favorite Mont Blanc pen, one that’s written much of several novels. Now, I’ve never been one to go in for psychics and the like but Mont Blanc had a handwriting analyst on hand, one Paula Sassi. Let me tell you dear readers of The Bent Page, this lady knew her stuff! Here’s a photo of her after the analysis discussed below. In the photo we’re chatting about my notebook.


In the first place, she asked that I write out a single sentence and then my signature. She proceeded to interpret these after a few moments of contemplation. Well, she had my personality pegged, flaws and all, to such a degree that my wife nearly blacked out. No kidding! More than just general traits, she zeroed in on the specifics and I kept my mouth shut, partly out of awe and partly because I didn’t want to give her any clues. All I can say is this lady knows how to delve into your characteristics with nothing more than a few lines on paper.

Thus, my thanks go out to Mont Blanc for the invitation to a thrilling event. Plus it was interesting to see their new fountain pens as well as a few old standbys. Keep up the good work, fellows, but remember, they’re hard to wear out.