Flying Friends

One of my friends here in Aruba is a member of the Aruba Flying Club. Late this afternoon, he invited me to meet some other members of the club and have a look at their plane. Here’s a photo of us, hanging out beside the Cessna 172 that was just back from a lesson.

aruba_flyingclubThe guy on the left is the one who re-started the club after it had ceased operation many years ago. The next fellow is a resident instructor. Then there’s my pal, and I’m last.

Thanks to the many commercial flights that come to Aruba every day, there is plenty runway. There’s also a tower to keep an eye on the traffic. This all makes it safer for new pilots. One challenge to flying in Aruba is the constant and gusty trade winds that buffet the island. You may not notice it in a jetliner, but it takes plenty of skill and quick reflexes in a 172. Training in these conditions provides valuable experience.

I’m grateful to my friends for the introduction to their club. I look forward to flying with them in the future.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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