Caribbean Christmas Decor

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas here in Aruba. These decorations were installed at the Radisson Hotel.

The Arubans go all out for Christmas, not just at the hotels, but their homes as well. There are roads you can drive with one home after another totally lit up with lights and scenes. It’s worth a few hours drive to see them. Of course the hotels do a good job, complete with Santa Claus visits for the kids and special events leading up to the big day. If you find yourself here, you won’t be disappointed… unless you’ve been naughty.

Bon dia.

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Safety (not) First!

Here is an example of what not to do:

Toting a propane tank around in your trunk is a bad idea. Not securing it is a second bad idea. Keep the links out of the chain of disaster by using your head. Okay?

Bon dia.

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New Meets Old in Aruba

I went for an early morning bike ride. Usually I roll around the northwest part of the island. This time I went south, parking at the entrance to the former Lago Colony then rode east around the edge of the island. Doubling back, I came across the entrance to the old Aruba Golf Club. In the background tower the new windmills. Take a look:

The photo above gives you an idea just how big those windmills are. At the same time, the Aruba Golf Club is looking rather sad. Time marches on is the old cliche.

Bon dia and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Wind Power Aruba Style

Aruba’s first commercial wind turbine site is on its way to completion. Here at The Bent Page we updated over the summer on the construction phase. Now the Vestas turbines are spinning in the wind. Still some work to be done, but this is a beautiful sight:

Tour buses now take visitors past this area, as do the private guides. It’s worth a look. These units hardly make a sound and yet they produce a handsome amount of electricity.

Bon dia.