New York Chicken

There are probably tens of thousands of places to eat lunch in New York City. We all fall in for favorites, or try the new joint, or just grab something off the shelf to hold us over. Either way, it’s hard to miss in New York. At least I think so.

In the course of countless visits to the city, I typically end up in the vicinity of Rockefeller Center. Downstairs in the concourse is a place called Cucina & Co. Not a very original name, but a very reliable stop for lunch. In particular, if you like a nice roast chicken, this place does it right. Considering the location, the price is fair as well. Take a look at this bird:

That’s half a roast chicken on top of a small mountain of mashed potatoes. It was roasted to absolute perfection, not pink, not dry, just right. This plate and a salad to start runs about $20. It’s enough food to hold you over to the next day and that’s a good deal.