Moore’s Pub, Madrid

Moore’s is one of several Irish pubs near the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Morre’s is actually part of the plaza complex, located in one of the passageways leading to the interior. The place is well known for having soccer games on television. It can get very loud as people cheer on their teams. You’ll also find bangers and mash, a personal favorite. I stood by with a can of the beloved Coca-Cola for this photo:

I’m surprised by the number of Spanish people who frequent Irish pubs. Then again, good hospitality and fine beverages have universal appeal. Hence, the Coca-Cola that I’ve found around the world, including here in Madrid, Spain. Still, it can be a bit of culture shock stepping off a Spanish street into an Irish bar. Tons of fun, too.

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Peñafiel Castle, Spain

If you like your medieval castles intact, then Peñafiel has much to offer. Only guided tours are permitted, but no worries as you’ll see plenty. There’s also a wine museum built into the southern portion of the castle. It’s worth your time. The gift shop has a fine selection of hand blown glassware that is the epitome of class and style. So, let’s have a look at this fortress. Here’s the video:

Impressive, no? I’ll say. It’s hard to imagine someone taking a chance attacking castles like this. There are so may angles for the defenders to launch everything from stones to arrows to boiling oil. Nasty. Climbing those stairs was good exercise, too. There are a few more castle videos and photos essays to come. Stay tuned.

La Mallorquina, Madrid

Near the western edge of Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, you’ll find a fantastic pastry shop known as La Mallorquina. I first sampled the delicious pastries here in 2003. Every time I’m in Madrid, I stop in for a few to fortify me for those long walks through the city. Here’s a photo of the shop.

A typical shop you might find in Madrid. Let’s take a look at the pastries, that’s the important part. Here’s a start.

Now there’s a few treats. And here are a few more.

To think, these are just a sampling of the many, many treats to be found inside. Like the old days, the staff wears white smocks and hats, a touch I find quaint and nostalgic and classy all at once. Most important, there’s a pastry for everyone, and all of them are very good. Never pass up dessert!

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Molino de Santillan, Spain

Not far from Malaga near the town of Rincon de la Victoria you’ll find Hotel Molino de Santillan. Yes, this place was a mill and the stones are there to prove it. However, it has been converted into a rural hotel with plenty of amenities. The rooms are spacious, outfitted with great bathrooms, and equipped with wardrobes and bureaus if you plan to stay for a while. There are numerous interior rooms for meetings and dining. Outdoors, you’ll find gardens, a swimming pool, and bars should your event require them. Here’s a short video showing the hotel’s common areas and the room where I stayed.

Please note, this place can be a little difficult to find. Print out a good map, use your GPS, and be careful on that last 2km of winding road. Saludos!