Jerte Valley, Spain

Driving from the west, we entered the Jerte valley without realizing how steep and winding it’s path was. However, exiting to the east, you must climb a road of multiple switchbacks that will require the use of all the gears. Here’s a look from the top of the eastern edge, looking to the west.

The valley is well known for its cherry trees and small towns. We stayed at a marvelous place with a fine restaurant. More on them both in future posts. In the mean time, enjoy the beauty of this place.

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Church of the Vera Cruz (again)

This is the second time I’ve visited the Church of the Vera Cruz in Segovia, Spain, and I was frustrated to find it closed… again!

In fact, I missed the opening hours by mere minutes. This is a Templar church and therefore mandatory on the itinerary. Nonetheless, I checked out some of the exterior detail such as theses capitals:

My understanding is that the interior is quite basic. Still, it’s worth a visit considering it’s place in history. Seeing sights like this goes a long way to contextualizing historical references and it is well worth the time seeking out the smaller, out of the way places as they were on the route followed by people in days gone by. It is a method of seeing what they saw, doing what they did. Enjoy the journey.

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Not Impressed

The Guggenheim in Bilbao was on my list of stops during the recent visit to Spain. Sadly, I was not impressed. The building, well, an engineering achievement but sadly inadequate as it draws attention away from the works inside.

The works inside, disappointing. Of course, I’m not the best judge of these things. In fact, I’m completely unqualified. So go see it for yourself and let me know. There was this creation out front.

An achievement to be sure, but what kind? Help me out because I’ve missed it completely.

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Still remember?

Anyone out there remember what happened nine years ago in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon? Remember who did what to whom? Do you? Anybody?

(Or have you been lulled to sleep by the ministries of propaganda?)


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