Pay VERY close attention….

… as you watch the following video because there will be a test afterward.

What limits the power of government in the United States?

What is the worse form of economic phenomenon?

What happens when the government is involved in all sorts of social engineering?

Go back and view it again and think about what is happening in the WORLD today.

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Ritz Construction, Aruba

Ritz Carlton is constructing a new hotel in Aruba. It is located just north of the Marriott complex. At the time of this writing, the main road leading to Malmok has been diverted around the site, leaving the bridge to Bakval impassable as you can see in this first photo.

The building site itself shows signs of foundation work, which is evident in this next photo. (The Marriott hotel can be seen in the right corner.)

And here is another view from the other direction.

The reinforcing rods sticking up from the ground will probably tie the building into the pilings on which the structure will stand. It was difficult to get a good angle for photographing the site because there is an eight foot fence around it. Probably wise to keep gawkers like me away. At any rate, there is the update on the Ritz construction.

Bon dia.

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The Big Joe (burger that is)

There’s a place in Aruba called Smokey Joe’s. It’s a rib shack with outdoor seating, paper towels on the table, and metal cans for the bones. In other words, a place I appreciate when the need for cholesterol ingestion arrises. Well, they came up with “The Big Joe.” The verbal description is something like this: a cheeseburger topped with pulled pork, cole slaw, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the rest. Here’s the visual vertical profile:

That’s a stack of fill-you-up if ever there was one. Just in case, it comes with fries. I have to say, that pork on top was most delicious and the tangy barbecue flavor contrasted well with the cole slaw, too. The burger underneath is charbroiled and satisfying on that most basic level. In other words, after one of these, you’re good to go so long as you have a cardiologist on standby. Be sure to wait an hour before going swimming after you eat this.

Bon dia.

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Timelapse Video, Madrid

No shortage of posts about Madrid, Spain on The Bent Page. I found this video through a message board I frequent.

Click on the link above for a brilliant timelapse video showing many of the great places to see in Madrid.

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