Good Folks

Book signing events provide an opportunity to meet lots of people. I have to say plenty of good folks show up for the fun. A recent event at Claudia’s Beach Bar on Palm Beach, Aruba, was the perfect example. There was Claudia herself, who is a gem. She puts up with my bad Spanish and teaches me the right way to say things. Plus she makes some fine drinks.

That’s her with the nice smile and me in the silly glasses. Then there was another group that I met before. Check this gang out.

Great people each and every one of them. They come from all over the USA and beyond. Massachusettes to Alaska and in between. Various professions including cops, pilots, accountants, and more. It’s good to hear their take on things to gain various perspectives on life. Plus, the laughs can’t be beat.

Bon dia.

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Impromptu Book Event

Charlie’s Bar in Aruba is not only a great place to have a snack and a cool beverage but also a locale where you meet fun people. A couple of guys from Connecticut, USA popped in, and since they read my books, we shared some stories and laughs.

I’m sure glad that fellow in the middle liked the books. He’s a big dude. Ah, all in good fun. I signed a few copies for them and some other people in the bar before continuing with the, uh…, beverage sampling program, which should not be underestimated.

It’s always interesting to hear what people have to say about my books. You never know until you hear it from them directly, whether they liked the parts you expected them to or not or what they thought of the ending. At any rate, see you in Aruba or elsewhere. Happy reading!

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Balashi Chill, Launch Party

Balashi Brewing of Aruba put on quite a show for the launch of their new beer, Chill. There were two bands, food, and of course, beer. All this was set up on top of a sandy beach spread out near the high rise hotel area. Below you can see the Tsunami Band playing away to a huge crowd.

Here are some photos of the hospitality tents.

Naturally, Coca-Cola was on hand for those seeking non-alcoholic refreshment.

And check out all that sand that was trucked in to create a dance area for those swinging to the music.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and by what was said, Chill will be a big success. During your next visit to Aruba, you’ll have to give it a try. Rumor has it, Chill contains on 90 calories so it won’t explode your waistline. I’d like to extend special thanks to Brad and Lori for the personal invite. It was great to see you both and I appreciate the warm hospitality.

Bon dia.

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Superbowl in Aruba

The Superbowl is a big deal in Aruba. All the hotels set up huge screens with chairs and buffets and plenty of buckets of beer. The photos didn’t come out the best, but you can see some examples here.

That’s Senor Frogs above and here is another one…

…which was from the Radisson. Here is the Hyatt…

…where you can see part of the buffet. The Hyatt had a screen on pilings standing above the water, which was rather impressive. Congrats¬†to the¬†winners and, well, the other team has to go back to practice.

Bon dia.

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