Balashi Chill in Island Gourmet

Here’s a little piece you’ll find in Aruba Nights Magazine, which provides lots of helpful info about Aruba. Pick it up when you arrive on-island. You’ll find it most everywhere: airport, hotels, etc. Just click on the link for the review.

Balashi Chill Review

Normally, I like whiskey, but every now and then it’s good to change things up and enjoy an cold beer. Bon dia!

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Rancho Josey Snack, Aruba

Rancho Josey Snack used to be called Little Josey Snack, and it was a LITTLE joint. In fact, it was about eight by eight feet square with a small awning over a few chairs. The new owner has expanded, but it’s still tiny. I like these kind of places to stop in for a cold drink and a chat. So, here’s a video showing how to get there and an introduction to one my local friends.

It doesn’t get more local than that. And remember, Rancho Josey is on the same road (just further along) as the Savaneta Water Tank, where I showed you that great view a few posts ago. Maybe you can check out them both on the same ride. By the way, don’t ask me why they call it “rancho.”  I forgot to ask the owner when I saw him today. A good reason to go back!

Balashi Chill, Launch Party

Balashi Brewing of Aruba put on quite a show for the launch of their new beer, Chill. There were two bands, food, and of course, beer. All this was set up on top of a sandy beach spread out near the high rise hotel area. Below you can see the Tsunami Band playing away to a huge crowd.

Here are some photos of the hospitality tents.

Naturally, Coca-Cola was on hand for those seeking non-alcoholic refreshment.

And check out all that sand that was trucked in to create a dance area for those swinging to the music.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and by what was said, Chill will be a big success. During your next visit to Aruba, you’ll have to give it a try. Rumor has it, Chill contains on 90 calories so it won’t explode your waistline. I’d like to extend special thanks to Brad and Lori for the personal invite. It was great to see you both and I appreciate the warm hospitality.

Bon dia.

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