Stella’s Southern Bistro

Simpsonville, South Carolina is a great little town with a restaurant I’ve come to appreciate recently. Stella’s Southern Bistro is exactly what the name implies, a bistro with southern flair. For example, during a recent meal there, I began with a pulled pork spring roll. Check this monster out:

In true southern style, it came with a piece of crispy pork belly, slaw, and corn chowder. Wow! Then there were some inventive entrees, including this rolletini style concoction which featured spicy sausage wrapped in duck leg with a fried quail in the center. The photo doesn’t do the taste justice, but here it is:

That’s going all out and it really was tasty and something different, which is very difficult to do in the age of celebrity chefs and exotic fare at your fingertips. Of course, there are some regular items on the menu for those with a less adventurous palette, but why hold back? Go for it! And don’t forget dessert, such as this sorbet with fresh fruit:

Or, if you want to ramp up the calories, try this custard atop chocolate goodness toting marshmallows to boot!

There you have it, a wonderful meal with fantastic service, honest prices, and delicious food. Did I mention there’s also a bar? More than that, you can’t find, so don’t waste your time. Give Stella’s a try when you’re in the area. I did, and I’ll be back.

Hamilton’s, Charlottesville, VA

Hamilton’s on Main Street in Charlottesville, VA, USA serves up a fine meal. Stopped in here prior to arriving at The Whiskey Jar (which explains the delays in posting here at The Bent Page). So, here’s a look at the meal we enjoyed. Started with two appetizers. The first was clams with spicy risotto. Take a look at this inventive dish:

Then came a short rib in spicy Korean BBQ sauce that was quite tangy as you can see here.

Off to a good start, we doubled down on the entrees, ordering a pair of crab cakes which are shown in the next photo (and those things were LOADED with lump crab meat).

And finally a penne pasta with spicy Italian sausage. This was good, but there was quite a bit of heat in that spice which gave me pause and reason to drink a lot of water. Here’s a look.

Sorry, no room for dessert. A very good meal and I can recommend this place to you if you’re in this town. Just take it easy if you stroll down the street to The Whiskey Jar, which is another fine institution of alcohol education.

The Whiskey Jar

Charlottesville, Virginia. There’s a place on Main Street called The Whiskey Jar. Was there long enough for my hair to fall out. See photo below:

Nothing else needs to be said.

Back from the Shop!

One of my trusty Mont Blanc fountain pens just returned from the repair shop. I purchased this pen in 1986 and it has served me very well of the many years since. It finally got a little weep and needed a repair. I took it to the Mont Blanc Boutique, and two weeks later, it came back good as new, including a nice sleeve to protect it when not in use.

The photo doesn’t do the pen justice. It’s a great writing instrument. I’ve written reams of pages with this pen, gone through numerous bottles of ink, and it keeps right on going. There’s aren’t many things out there that are as reliable and functional as a Mont Blanc fountain pen. Of course, they require a bit of care and you have to be more careful than with some old ball point. Then again, these pens are heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to another, deservedly so.

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