Creative Cocktails

There’s a myriad of cocktails out there, some of which are off the charts good. While traveling the world, it’s interesting to try what the local bars conjur up. Here’s one that caught my eye, the Anythm Spirit at Gray’s in Franklin, Tennessee, USA.


Now that you know what’s in the drink, here’s a look at the finished product.


Quite tasty that was, in fact, it tasted like several more, enjoyed in a casual, friendly atmosphere, with some great music on stage, too. Note that Gray’s states they serve, “cocktails, spirits, tonics, remedies,” they are serious.

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The Whiskey Jar

Charlottesville, Virginia. There’s a place on Main Street called The Whiskey Jar. Was there long enough for my hair to fall out. See photo below:

Nothing else needs to be said.

Essoville Rumshop, Aruba, video

People ask me what a rumshop is. I tell them a shack with a bar. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but generally a rum shop is simply a place to stop in for a cold drink when you feel like it. It’s a hangout, the local pub Caribbean style. The Essoville Rumshop is one of my favorites in Aruba. The drinks are cold and I usually chat with my friends or someone new. Here’s my video visit:

As you can see, it’s not complicated. Cash money on the countertop and plenty of shade awaits.

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