Asador Don Jose, Peñafiel, Spain

Spain maintains its food traditions to an extremely high level. This is one of things I enjoy about visiting Spain, the consistent traditions. Well, at Asador Don Jose, you’ll find some fantastic lechazo, roast lamb that is, prepared exactly right.


This is a simple place, with friendly owners who are truly pleased to have you. I was walking this area when I noticed two local couples chatting, waiting for the restaurant to open. Surely, that’s a good sign. Inside, you’ll find a cosy dining room:


And the aroma coming from the nearby kitchen will set your appetite up for the tasty delights. Sorry, I didn’t catch a photo of the food because I was enjoying the wine seen below:


Enjoyed a great meal that filled me up for the rest of the day. Seriously, this is something to enjoy with a group. Best to walk up to the castle afterward to burn it off.


Sharpening Knives, Spain

While in Oviedo, Spain, I spotted this fellow sharpening knives outside a popular restaurant.


His bicycle powered grinding wheel was quite fascinating, providing both transportation and the means to conduct his business. While I watched, a waiter took one of the knives in to the chef and then returned to request more work on it. Low-tech for sure, yet very functional. Impressive in its utility and economy. Such is life in Spain. Always interesting.

Giant Meatball

Seems to be a trend in Italian restaurants these days. Most I’ve visited in the past six months have a giant meatball on the menu. Check out this example:


That was a tasty meatball, for sure. Perched atop the rigatoni in a homemade sauce, it was also very filling. Almost couldn’t eat it all, but persevered to the end. Enjoy every meal.

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Trattoria San Nicola, Paoli

Enjoyed a tasty lunch at Trattoria San Nicola in Paoli, PA, USA. Of course, this is an Italian spot, one I’ve passed many times. At last, stopped in and was impressed by both the food and service. Started with some salads, one a simple mixed greens you see here:

Mixed green salad at San Nicola.

Mixed green salad at San Nicola.

The other salad featured roasted peppers and sun-dried tomatoes that you see next:

Roasted peppers and sun-dried tomato salad at San Nicola.

Roasted peppers and sun-dried tomato salad at San Nicola.

Moving on to the entrees, let’s begin with the grilled swordfish that you see here:

Grilled swordfish with a Stella on the side at San Nicola.

Grilled swordfish with a Stella on the side at San Nicola.

And finally, a tried and true veal parm with veggies on the side:

Veal parm at San Nicola.

Veal parm at San Nicola.

Service for the whole meal was attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I look forward to returning to San Nicola for a supper to try other dishes and maybe some wine. There’s ample parking and the place is easy to find along Route 30. Enjoy every meal. (Next time I’ll be sure to take the Nikon 1 AW to snap photos. These were taken with the iPhone and leave much to be desired.)

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