A return to Republic, lunch

Republic serves a quick (if noisy) lunch at their place on New York City’s Union Square. I’ve been stopping in here for years and have never been disappointed. They have those giant noodle dishes as well as a selection of others over rice, which are more to my liking. Here’s a look at the fried wonton appetizer:

Fried wontons at Republic.

That’s a great way to start the meal. The sauce is tangy with lots of flavor and just a touch of heat. And those wontons are packed with diced stuff that will get your taste buds excited. Moving on to the main course, I went with the grilled pork chop over “broken rice,” which is how the menu describes it. Take a look:

Grilled pork chop at Republic.

That’s a tasty bowl full of goodness. The portion seems a little small, but with the appetizer, it’s the perfect amount. Seating at this joint is a little crowded, giving you the opportunity to eaves drop or meet new people. Enjoy every meal!

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