Snacks at Nectar

Nectar (located in Berwyn, PA, USA) offers great food, atmosphere, and people watching. Thus, I like to stop in there at random times to spur the imagination and satisfy a culinary craving. The latest excursion was for drinks and snacks as you’ll see here, beginning with the dim sum sampler for two:

Dim Sum for Two at Nectar.

Amazing flavors there. Clockwise from upper left, you have the fried dumpling, spring roll,  pork pot sticker dumplings, edamame dumplings. The drink backing the platter was a berry martini (not consumed by me because you know I’m a strictly whiskey imbiber). Then we moved on to some lobster ravioli that you see next:

Lobster ravioli at Nectar.

Very, very good. It’s hard to have just one order of them. Then, just to pack things down, I went with the steamed pork rolls. This is a very creative dish. A slice of pork cooked exactly right with a sort of hoisin sauce, tucked inside a steamed roll. The roll has a consistency I’ve never had before: smooth inside with a firm outside but no “crust” like area. Take a look:

Steamed pork rolls at Nectar.

Wow. So there you have it. Another pleasant foray into food fun at Nectar. Well-made drinks here, too, and a staff that knows what they’re doing. This place gets it right every time.

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