AA56 to London

As in the previous post, I found some video that, for some reason, was not edited into a finished piece. This time it is the details of flying on American Airlines Flight 56 from Miami to London. This voyage put me on a Boeing 777, which is a magnificent airplane. Thanks to frequent flier miles, I enjoyed a first class seat. Here’s a look at the cabin, amenities, food, and some aerial views along the way.

What a great flight! Got there safely and in comfort thanks to the professional staff at American Airlines. It was the start of a great trip, one I posted about last year. Although this video was a bit of catch up, it’s good to have the memories on file.

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  1. Looks like an amazing flight. The AA First Class is quite good compared to its competitors! However, I still prefer the Lufthansa First Class over it!

    • Thanks, Moritz. Yes, first class on a 777 is great. I’ll need to try Lufthansa one day.

      • Be sure to route your flight via Frankfurt. The First Class Terminal is something utterly amazing 🙂

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