MD-80’s are retiring

After many years of venerable service, the MD-80’s in the American Airlines fleet are being retired. I had a great flight aboard one recently and had the good fortune to make his short video:

The pilots were great guys, giving me the opportunity to capture footage with my Osmo Pocket camera. Thanks to them and American Airlines.

Osmo Pocket, timelapse

Learning the features and techniques of the Osmo Pocket has been fun. During a recent trip, I experimented with the time-lapse function, which works very well. Here’s how it turned out:

This video was made looking through a plate glass window on a cloudy day. It came out rather well for a simple exercise. The ease of use of this camera is astounding. Give it a try.

AA56 to London

As in the previous post, I found some video that, for some reason, was not edited into a finished piece. This time it is the details of flying on American Airlines Flight 56 from Miami to London. This voyage put me on a Boeing 777, which is a magnificent airplane. Thanks to frequent flier miles, I enjoyed a first class seat. Here’s a look at the cabin, amenities, food, and some aerial views along the way.

What a great flight! Got there safely and in comfort thanks to the professional staff at American Airlines. It was the start of a great trip, one I posted about last year. Although this video was a bit of catch up, it’s good to have the memories on file.

American Airlines (meals) December 2013

Took a couple of American Airlines flights recently, my carrier of choice. The airline has instituted a “select your meal” type of plan, which I find very helpful. You get to make a choice between a couple of entrees, which certainly leads to a more satisfied customer. So, on the first leg, I chose the “tortilla soup.” Below you see the whole tray:

American Airlines tortilla soup.

American Airlines tortilla soup.

This was a tasty, lighter selection. A couple of small cheese wedges came with the grapes and crackers. Nice treat! During the second flight, I went with the chicken salad that you see here:

American Airlines chicken salad.

American Airlines chicken salad.

Again, I found this to be tasty, lighter fare when it comes to airlines meals. The salad was packed with pecans, slices of pear, and plenty of greens. In general, I think airline food has been improving recently. At least, I have found the food to be better than it was. Sit back, relax, enjoy the flight, and please follow ALL crew member instructions. They are there to make your trip safe.