Flying over the C&D Canal

When flying to and from Delaware, eastern Maryland, and points beyond, I like to use the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal as a waypoint. It runs a line from east to west and is punctuated by a number of distinct bridges. Thus, it makes for an easily recognizable ground reference point so you know where you are when flying. Here’s a video looking down at the canal from 3,500 feet.

The canal was muddy from all the rain we’ve had in the area. Nearly two weeks straight of off and on showers. Finally the sun came out and we’ve been able to get some flying done. Don’t forget the checklist!

Flying Over Water

My latest flight took me over some old stomping grounds along the coast of Delaware and over the Delaware Bay. My first stop was Ocean City, Maryland, where there is an excellent airport for small planes like the Cessna 172 that I enjoy flying about. Here’s a look down at the field.

You can see there are two runways, which makes landing easier when the winds shift. You’ll find friendly faces there, too, and fuel if you need it. Nearby, is Ocean City itself as you can see from the next photo.

I followed the coast north to Cape Henlopen, climbed to a higher altitude, then crossed the Delaware Bay. You always want to be high enough to have enough vertical distance to glide to terra firma should your single engine decide to quit. Hopefully, I’ll never have this experience. Looking down at the anchorage you can barely make out a few ships between the strut and the end of the wing. See if you can spot them here among the smudges on the window.

The bay and ocean were flat calm, the kind of day when I used to build reefs in these waters. Now I fly over top wondering what the fish are up to. To complete this trip, I made a stop at Cape May Airport then headed back to my home base.

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In A Big Country…

…you can fly forever. Well, almost. I took a nice flight to Sullivan County International Airport in Monticello, NY. The sky was mostly clear along the way, with a thin layer of clouds at 3,500 and 5,500. On the way north, I stopped at Mount Pocono (KMPO). Here’s a look at the first airport.

Runway 31-13 has just been repaved making for a smooth touchdown and rollout. After resetting the instruments I took off for Sullivan County (KMSV) which can be seen below.

That’s a long runway for a little plane like the Cessna 172 that I’m flying. And check out the trees. The leaves have just started to turn. On the way south, I passed by this big reservoir.

Yeah, in a big country you can fly a long while in small plane. Sure beats driving, too. The view is better, there’s less traffic, and it’s just plane fun. Don’t forget to watch your airspeed and always do your checklist.

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