Departing Runway 11

Here’s another video from the departing flight taking me from Aruba to Miami. I can never get enough of this stuff, the view from way up there. Take a look:

It was a great flight. Looking forward to heading back to Aruba. In the mean time, check in here at The Bent Page for more videos and other stuff.

Chesapeake Flying (KOQN to W29)

It was the perfect day for flying, clear skies overhead, light winds, and plenty of fuel in the old Cessna 172. Here’s an abridged video of a flight from Brandywine Airport (KOQN) to Bay Bridge (W29). Check out the fall foliage and the upper part of the Chesapeake Bay.

Made it back in a timely fashion, too, with a little bit of a tailwind. The leaves will probably be past their peak by the time I fly again. I’m happy to have seen them this year.

Flying over the C&D Canal

When flying to and from Delaware, eastern Maryland, and points beyond, I like to use the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal as a waypoint. It runs a line from east to west and is punctuated by a number of distinct bridges. Thus, it makes for an easily recognizable ground reference point so you know where you are when flying. Here’s a video looking down at the canal from 3,500 feet.

The canal was muddy from all the rain we’ve had in the area. Nearly two weeks straight of off and on showers. Finally the sun came out and we’ve been able to get some flying done. Don’t forget the checklist!