A drink at O’Hara’s, NYC

Kind of strange that for all my wanderings in New York City, I never found myself in O’Hara’s, which is located near the World Trade Center site. At last I stopped in here for a drink.


For all the emergency responders, this place is a site of pilgrimage as it was a refuge on that terrible September day. At present, you’ll find patches and memorabilia posted on the wall from all over the world. The staff is friendly, the drinks reliable. Enjoy, but perhaps with a slightly heavy heart.

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Construction Continues…

…at the World Trade Center site in New York City. Where once stood the iconic Twin Towers, you’ll currently find a number of cranes hoisting steel and concrete into the air again. Take a look.

Doesn’t look like much, but there is plenty of subterranean infrastructure that is out of sight. Don’t forget, there are subway lines running through here as well as sewer, water, electrical and other utilities that all of have to connect properly. The next image is of the rising tower on the west corner of the site.

I anxiously await the completion of this entire project. Years ago, I used to enjoy taking visitors to the top of the Twin Towers for a look out over the city and beyond. Hopefully there will be an observation platform on one of these new buildings to afford the same view. Can’t wait.

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A Cross

While in New York City recently, I paid a visit to the World Trade Center site. There I came upon the famous cross, constructed of the steel beams that were once part of the Twin Towers. Here’s a view of the cross.

I remember arriving at the site six days after the fateful events of September 11, 2001. It wasn’t a pretty scene. Using a Hasselblad 6X6 camera, I took a number of documentary photographs that I keep archived in a secure place. Some weeks later, I returned for more photo taking, including piles of steel beams that were cut into pieces for scrap iron. Sad to see them twisted and mangled. Here’s a close up of the plaque on the cross.

Soon it will be ten years since the tragedy occurred. I’ll never forget that scene. Neither should you. At least one of the key personnel who concocted the nefarious act now has a special place in the deep blue sea, which just goes to prove my old adage: The woods may be lovely dark and deep, but from the ocean comes not a peep.

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