Vertical Flight

When it comes to point to point flying, the helicopter wins hands down. Of course, a price must be paid in terms of fuel and other overall costs. A rotary wing aircraft is not cheap. But they will impress you in many categories. Here’s a look at a Sikorsky.

A Sikorsky helicopter waiting for the next flight.

A Sikorsky helicopter waiting for the next flight.

This corporate machine delivers people in relative comfort. Around the Northeast USA, helicopters like this make a lot of sense in the business world as their clients are above the traffic and where they want to be when they need to be there. No matter what you’re flying, always do your checklist.

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Tilt Rotor Incoming

The V-22 Osprey is an impressive hybrid machine. It’s part helicopter, part airplane. I had the good fortune to see one come in for a landing at my local airport as photographed here.

It truly is an amazing machine. Surprisingly, it’s not as noisy as a helicopter, but the downdraft is wicked. The pilot brought it in along the runway then set down in the field beyond the trees seen above. It must take a steady hand on the controls because the craft is floating in the air and susceptible to any breeze or disturbance. That’s why pilot training, and continued training, is critical. I only wish the same was done for people who drive cars. More and better training would lower the number of collisions and generally improve road safety.

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The Skylane

The Cessna 182 is sometimes referred to as the Skylane, and for good reason. It’s a slightly larger and much more powerful aircraft than the 172. It has the power to get up and go and keep going for quite a while. I was doing some writing at my local airport today and snapped this picture of a prime example of the machine:

It was a beautiful day for flying, crystal blue sky, light westerly breeze, and this 182 headed out to enjoy it. Stop by your local airport and watch the planes. It’s fun!

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