Anchor Memorial, Aruba, video

On the southern end of Aruba, DWI, stands a giant ship anchor as a memorial to all the mariners lost at sea. It was updated to include Charles Brouns, Jr. of the eponymous Charlie’s Bar, who was instrumental in having the anchor erected at this spot.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in September of 2004. RIP.

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Inland Anchor

Near Santa Cruz, Aruba, DWI, you’ll find this giant old anchor. What’s new is the QR poster attached to it.

Anchor and QR code at Santa Cruz, Aruba

Not sure where the QR codes sends you. I don’t have my iPhone here to scan it. This location is quite a distance and altitude from the sea. Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll find on a small island in a big world. It’s also good to have landmarks like this in a place where the road signs are not the best. Bon dia.

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