Gallo Rojo, Aruba, iPhone video

Stopped at Gallo Rojo in San Nicolaas, Aruba, DWI recently. This is a corner joint that served breakfast and baked goods, not to mention the local papers and cold drinks. Did a little iPhone video just for fun. Here it is:

Tasty ham, egg, and cheese sandwich there. Just what you might need on the way to or from Baby Beach or to start the day after a long night. Enjoy every meal. Bon dia.

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Kikoriko, Aruba

  • Kikoriko recently opened in Aruba, DWI. This is a rotisserie chicken joint, a food I really enjoy.
Rikoriko chicken joint in Aruba, DWI.

Rikoriko chicken joint in Aruba, DWI.

The place operates on a simple system. You step up to the counter, order your platter than wait a few minutes while they make it up for you. Dining is eat in, or take out. I decdied to eat in, and got a half chicken platter with a few sides that you see below:

Half chicken platter at Rikoriko in Aruba, DWI.

Half chicken platter at Rikoriko in Aruba, DWI.

That was a tasty meal with local variations on the sides. In Aruba, you’ll find most local places serve double starch. So, you get potatoes and rice. Good for carb loading if you have some major activity planned. The meal was generally tasty. The price was right. Give this place a try. Easy to find on the main road heading toward Santa Cruz.

Anchor Memorial, Aruba, video

On the southern end of Aruba, DWI, stands a giant ship anchor as a memorial to all the mariners lost at sea. It was updated to include Charles Brouns, Jr. of the eponymous Charlie’s Bar, who was instrumental in having the anchor erected at this spot.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in September of 2004. RIP.

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Shoarma Platter, Aruba, iPhone video

The Sultan is one of my favorite local joints in Aruba. Yes, I have lots of favorites on the island. This one stands out for being a bit exotic in terms of cuisine on the island. Here’s a video look at the chicken shoarma platter.

That’s a tasty platter and nutritious, too. The price can’t be beat either. Stop in here for all your Arab foods. They do a great job. Bon dia.

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