Aruba, The Other Side of the Bridge, Ep. 3

Episode 4 of The Other Side of the Bridge (Aruba) is now available. This time, we head to JoAnn Snack for a nice lunch then meet the crew from Aruba Bob Snorkeling. You’ll head into the water at Mangel Alto and check out the fish, too. Here it is:

As you saw there in the video, plenty of marine life to see. Always wear your life jacket and be careful. (Don’t eat too much either!)


JETLEV is a way to soar that will surely give you a thrill. Powered by a jet pump in the boat portion, the water flows out through the nozzles, and you’re above it all.┬áToday, I was driving to Oranjestaad, Aruba, when I spotted the guys testing out the equipment. Couldn’t resist. So, I pulled in, got some video and did a short interview. Here it is.

Almost like a jet pack. Next time you’re in Aruba go to Red Sail Sports, and give it a try. Special thanks to Osmar and Kendrick.

Underwater Airplanes, Aruba

A couple of airplanes were intentionally sunk in Aruba to make scuba diving sites. My friends Kent, Stuart, and Kat are avid snorkelers and divers as you know from reading The Bent Page. They were courteous enough to provide some footage so all of us who don’t breathe well under water could have a look. Check it out:

In all my years of reef building, I never sank any airplanes. Still, they make an interesting dive site, something completely different from the usual assortment of shipwrecks and such. More to come, so stay tuned.