A great big THANK YOU to all subscribers and viewers of The Bent Page. Yesterday, the blog hit 100,000 views for the first time. I’m thrilled and grateful to have a large audience that enjoys the posts and material provided here. Again, thank you to everyone. I’ll be working hard to provide new photos, videos, and more, so check in as often as you can.



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Mowing Hugo’s Lawn

The Daily Gut is Greg Gutfeld’s blog. I highly recommend it. The man knows what he’s talking about and writes with wit and flair. His latest post struck a chord with me, in particular because he mentions how socialism is never portrayed for what it is in the popular media culture. He hit the nail on the head with a big hammer and here’s the link to that post:


At the risk of shameless self-promotion, let me say to Greg and the world, that my novel, Universal Coverage, portrays socialized medicine for what it may become here in the United States. So there is at least one canary singing the coal mine of culture. It is an interesting analysis to ask why more media elites don’t establish residency in the socialist worker paradises of Venezuela, North Korea, or even France. Truly these places embody the values of socialism and that’s what the elites of the United States advocate. I mean, if there’s a party going on and they’re your type of crowd, why not join in? Well, because then you’d have to give up the palace in Malibu, the penthouse on Madison, and the drivers, jets, clothes, tortured food, and baubles that make your elite life the stuff of proletariat ire.

Wait a minute! Was that a contradiction in what you want for yourself versus the rest of us? Uh, oh. Now what?

Don’t worry, fly private back to your hypocritical lair where you can sip that spectacular Bordeaux, discuss your newest Hermes scarf, and dream of another propaganda piece to convince the masses that you’re really looking out for them.

Authors and Blogging

Saw this cartoon in the Wall Street Journal. Very appropriate.


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Writing Letters

Letter writing seems to have fallen off in this age of email and the text message. (Forget stuff like twitter, facebook, and such). However, there are still those people out there who take pen in hand (or typewriter or word processor) and scribe a message to someone. I happen to be one of these people, employing my fountain pens to good use. For stationary these days I’ve taken to recycling old nautical charts that are out of date. I have the good fortune to have made the acquaintance of several people with whom I exchange letters regularly. They are an excellent way to concentrate your thoughts, learn something new, and enjoy a friendship.

But if you want to see a master letter craftsperson, check out The Missive Maven’s blog. Here is a direct link: http://missivemaven.blogspot.com/. She corresponds with many people from around the globe and encourages others to write to her. Plus, her letters are written on various types of paper, her stamps are varied and interesting, and she uses all manner of writing instruments and inks. The creativity shown here is stunningly impressive. Take a look at her blog. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating and perhaps inspirational. Maybe you’ll write to that old friend, college roommate, or favorite relative as a result.

Besides, isn’t it a thrill to get something in the mail? Of course! I send literally hundreds of postcards each year, but that’s the subject for another post soon. In the mean time, get a pen, some paper, and write. It’s good for your brain and your relationships, whatever they may be.

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