Dredge and Survey

Here’s another photo from the dredging of the back basin at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This time, you see the survey boat checking the depth.


There was also some moorings built during this project. I hope to get some more photos soon. Stay tuned.


Cape May Harbor

Cape May, NJ, USA has a beautiful harbor. If you like to watch the boats, there are several vantage points. Here’s a look at the commercial fishing fleet rafted at the dock.


Be sure to check out the sport fisherman, the pleasure craft, and even the paddle boards and kayaks. There’s all types of vessels about. And then, just a short walk away, you’ll find plenty of establishments to enjoy a meal and beverages. Take your time. No hurry.

Tugboat Video Visit

I had the good fortune of heading back to the Philadelphia waterfront, only a stone’s throw from where I used to work. I visited a handsome tugboat and made this video, showing you some of the particulars. Take a look.

I want to thank the captain and crew for having me aboard. It was fun to check out a newer boat with all the latest equipment. I hope to stop by again soon.

Oranjestad Marina Panorama

Oranjestad features a convenient marina located just across the street from a major hotel/casino complex.

You’ll find all kinds of boats, both large and small here. For those interested in fishing, you’ll find charter boats for hire. Then there are the yachts that I have posted before. In the distance, you’ll see the bow of a cruise ship along the main wharf. Finally, don’t be surprised if you seeĀ a tugboat or two loitering.

Bon dia.

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